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It's a delight and a privilege to celebrate a wedding... hear your story and find out what this moment really means to you, to watch your joyful anticipation growing as we develop the vision of your perfect ceremony, 

to be part of that magical day when you celebrate this most deeply personal of relationships with all the people who really matter to you.


A celebrant led wedding gives you the freedom do everything your own way and to choose when, how and where your ceremony takes place. Whether in a woodland or meadow, on a beach or a hilltop, in a village hall, a pub back room or in your own back garden; I'll do all I can to make it the perfect wedding ceremony for you.  


The vows you choose to make to one another will be at the heart of your wedding ceremony. Listening carefully to what you want and need, I’ll help you put together your own unique vows in whatever ways will work best for you. I offer lots of different kinds of support to help you make sure that your vows truly express what marriage means to you - even a free vow writing ceremony if you like! If you'd like to know more please drop me an email or give me a call.

To get a more in depth view of what I can offer as your wedding celebrant see my testimonials or take a look at my featured weddings.

"Our celebration of marriage was made so special by you Riv. You really put our whole journey together - everything we have been through - into such a perfect story for us and our guests to enjoy. We loved the way you combined the Batak and western cultures together to make our ceremony so inclusive and memorable."

Tessi & Jefferson

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