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Tying the knot...

... getting hitched - the ancient tradition of symbolically tying together a couple's hands to symbolise their union is embedded in our every day language. This joyous  ceremony, based on ancient Celtic tradition, can be part of your wedding, vow renewal, engagement or anniversary celebrations.

Handfastings are often conducted outdoors in a circle, but yours can happen wherever and however you like. Though it's often thought of as a pagan rite, handfasting was also practiced by early Christians, and I've conducted plenty of humanist handfastings as well as more earthy nature-based ceremonies. What will really make your handfasting authentic is the planning and preparation we put into it, and making sure the resulting ceremony feels true to who you are.

If you're interested, we can discuss different ways of drawing on the symbolism of the four directions and the elements of air, fire, water and earth - this can be a powerful way of focusing on the different aspects of your relationship and the qualities you want to bring into your marriage. And if you want some of the important people in your lives to play a special part in your handfasting ceremony we can explore how to make that happen in a way that feels right for you and for them. 

Whatever draws you to this time-honoured ceremony, I'll do all I can to make it a beautiful, joyful and meaningful celebration for you and everyone present. 

We were both very happy with you as our celebrant and really enjoyed working with you. We loved the regularity and the clear communication . The writing of the script truly felt like a creative collaboration and it was great reading back what we had discussed and seeing how clearly you had interpreted our ideas. The ceremony we created with you was perfect. Thank you very much!

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Jenny & Dylan 

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